REMOTE SENTRY GPS(currently in development)


The Remote Sentry GPS has a number of features to not only further protect your removable assets such as vehicles and machinery, but also allow for better understanding of movement and usage patterns.

Track Movement

Monitor any movement of vehicles or machinery via map in online portal.


Draw your own security boundaries and receive alerts directly to mobile when asset crosses those lines.

Peace of Mind

If vehicles or machinery moved or taken, you are going to know about it, better protecting your valuable assets.

Next-Gen Connectivity

Ultimate rural signals with CAT M1 and Narrowband connection options. Fewer blackspots meaning more tracking information and increased connectivity.

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Use Cases

The Remote Sentry can be utilised in a vast array of different environments and contexts. Here are just some examples where this next-gen device can aid you, both now and into the future.



Better protect expensive all terrain vehicles such as quad bikes, which are a constant target for criminals.



Protect valuable equipment, tools and machinery left on remote areas of your farm.



Allow more protection for high-value ride on lawn mowers, when left in garden sheds, or more remote areas of your land.



Place inside tool boxes in order to better monitor if tools go missing, increasing chances of recovery, and prosecution.

Trade Vehicles

Trade Vehicles

Affordable way to better protect tools, and expensive equipment as well as your van itself.

Image of Remote Sentry Device

Remote Sentry Specifications


IP55 Hall Sensor Open/Shut Accelerometer MEMS + Wake Thermocouple


5+ Year Lifetime OTA Power Plans High-Grade Li-SOCl2 Battery End-of-Life Monitoring 30µA sleep consumption


AES-256 encrypted bootloader Digital signing of verified code TLS 1.2 End-to-End encryption


GPS NB-IoT CAT-M1 2G and GPRS Low power Wi-Fi   Ask for more


Field Replaceable


FOTA updates with Delta RFID tag included Ultra-low power micro Large internal memory Multi-protocol expansion port