Usage Counting


Usage Counting

The Remote Sentry Count is a truly next-generation IoT people counter. When coupling our ultra long life batteries, and next-level connectivity with our bespoke online portal, Remote Sentry Count provides a discreet high-level rural visitor counting solution that is simple, relevant and affordable. Our ‘Plug and Play’ device has been designed to keep your costs down, by providing a people counting solution that doesn’t require costly additional infrastructure nor location visits to collect data.

Low Maintenance

Over the air updates and status reports. No manual collection of data. No changing batteries regularly with our 5+ year super cell. No costly additional infrastructure required. Saving you precious time and resources.

Easy Reporting

Simply view all visitor count data in your Remote Sentry Portal with customisable graphs. Download in-depth reports straight into a spreadsheet.

Next-Gen Connectivity

Ultimate rural signals with CAT M1 and Narrowband connection options. Fewer blackspots, increased connectivity, reduced power consumption.

Responsive Alerts

Alert based security system to restrict access. Set a custom schedule. If gates are opened after hours, there is an audible alarm and alerts sent via SMS, email and phone to further protect your site.


All data is transmitted over the air, directly into your online portal which is backed up regularly both in the device itself and the cloud.

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Use Cases

The Remote Sentry can be utilised in a vast array of different environments and contexts. Here are just some examples where this next-gen device can aid you, both now and into the future.

Public Parks

Public Parks

Count footfall and usage of areas in your park. Know what areas are visited most. Effortlessly collect data to support funding appeals, land maintenance or other projects.

Recreational Areas

Recreational Areas

Understand and monitor usage of local recreation facilities, giving you useful data sets to propose new ventures in the future. As well as offering some protection during ‘closed’ hours against trespass and vandalism.



Know who is using railway foot crossings, and when. Gain key knowledge to aid future infrastructure decisions, whilst improving health and safety measures.

Open Access Land

Open Access Land

Effortlessly gather and collate visitor numbers and footfall in remote areas of your open access land, allowing you to better understand movement of people across your land. Use this information to support park development and funding appeals.

Public Footpaths

Public Footpaths

Know which of your footpaths are being used and which aren’t, for maintenance and budgetary allocation purposes.

Historical Sites

Historical Sites

Gain knowledge and understanding of footfall around areas of your site, giving you crucial insights as well as better access protection, when site is closed.



Better understand pedestrian flow and which areas of your campus are busiest and when. Gain valuable insights for route planning, future developments and even social distancing measures.

Image of Remote Sentry Device

Remote Sentry Specifications


IP55 Hall Sensor Open/Shut Accelerometer MEMS + Wake Thermocouple


5+ Year Lifetime OTA Power Plans High-Grade Li-SOCl2 Battery End-of-Life Monitoring 30µA sleep consumption


AES-256 encrypted bootloader Digital signing of verified code TLS 1.2 End-to-End encryption


NB-IoT CAT-M1 2G and GPRS Low power Wi-Fi   Ask for more


Field Replaceable


FOTA updates with Delta RFID tag included Ultra-low power micro Large internal memory Multi-protocol expansion port